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F​ôrij Thrills

Rewilding Adventures 

We curate elegant yet educational experiences dedicated to bringing awareness to the bounty of nourishment available here in southwestern Ontario. Inspired by the traditional practices of foraging, our modern celebration and tasting experiences comes together through the collaboratives works of small local farmers, foragers, enthused gardeners as well as local chefs. Our efforts, combined, brings a unique experience to each Fôrij Thrills event. Our hope is to inspire little epiphanies towards what is wild and edible in our yards and even restore properties to mirror that of nature a little more each and every day.

Check out some of the results from our previous events in our Event Gallery
Katelyn Landry

"Don't just stop and smell the roses...


[...] Marvel at its beauty, connect with them, acknowledge their purpose and explore their wondrous  potential.

Founder & Creative Director

Katelyn Landry, is the founder and creative director of Fôrij Thrills. This lifestyle brand is an extension of her own passion and excitement for herbs, edible flowers and of course foraging. After discovering a shockingly amount of plants on her property were edible, originally identified as ornamental plants or weeds, there was a realization; there's a huge disconnect between "wild urban" food available to us just outside our door step. Fôrij Thrills curates intentional seasonally themed events and workshops to highlight various wild/urban plants as well as their various uses. 

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